In Slovakia there is a legal obligation to document the transfer prices of local and cross-border transactions between the companies within a group. Because the tax authorities examine transfer prices very closely, it is essential for companies operating across borders to have a consistent, reliable transfer pricing system.

Our seasoned experts will gladly assist you in setting appropriate transfer prices and in preparing the documentation to meet all local and international requirements. We analyze the status quo in your group of companies and propose courses of action based on our findings with the aim of establishing a sound transfer pricing system.

Our services

  • Identifying the risks of your existing transfer pricing
  • Updating the existing transactions or setting up new transactions with regard to transfer pricing
  • Preparing a comparability analysis (benchmark) to assess the correct setting of transfer prices (using Thomson Reuters, Amadeus, Finstat databases)
  • Support in the creation of a functional and risk analysis
  • Analysis of the effects of transferring functions or parts of a company abroad
  • Support in the drafting of contracts within the group for the supply of goods and services, cost invoicing and licensing contracts, etc
  • Updating the existing or preparing new transfer pricing documentation
  • Representation during tax audits
  • Representation in the APA process (unilateral as well as multilateral approval of transfer pricing)
  • Representation in the MAP process and arbitration

Transfer Pricing in Slovakia

The overview shall help you to get fhe first insights and understanding of legislation related to transfer pricing in Slovakia.

Your Experts

Anna Fábryová

Tax Advisor | Partner

Miroslava Vojteková

Tax Advisor | Director

Martin Jakubec

Tax Advisor | Director