Do you run a business in both Slovakia and abroad? Prudent tax advice and optimization beyond national borders are key building blocks for the success of your business.

For years, both Slovak companies and clients abroad have relied on our expertise in the field of European and international tax legislation and our ability to solve problems arising from cross-border transactions.

Our extensive portfolio includes consultancy services to solve complicated cross-border issues, international tax planning, preventing the risk of double taxation and cross-border tax conflicts. Our tax advisors develop tailored solutions for your company’s specific issues and provide comprehensive, creative support.

Our tax advisory services relate mainly to

  • Inbound and outbound cross-border investments
  • Establishing the business structure when entering the international market
  • Restructuring and reorganizing companies in the international context, including the accounting
  • Withholding taxes
  • Tax optimization of individually owned structured assets
  • Tax-related issues arising from a new residential address or the pursuit of economic activities in several countries
  • Transfer prices, preparation of documentation and benchmarks
  • Implementation of international contracts against double taxation, international conventions
  • European tax legislation
  • International tax disputes, mutual agreements of tax offices, arbitrations
  • Representation in appeals related to international tax legislation

Your Experts

Anna Fábryová

Tax Advisor | Partner

Miroslava Čevanová

Tax Advisor | Manager

Martin Jakubec

Tax Advisor | Director

Miroslava Vojteková

Tax Advisor | Director