Why LeitnerLeitner?

Today's interconnected world is a huge opportunity for brave, young talents. The door is open for people who prove that their commitment is above average and that they can work well with others to realize LeitnerLeitner’s business goals. In our company it is possible to advance from an assistant position to partner level. Over the past 25 years, three of our bosses have moved up the career ladder to reach the highest positions. The résumés of our tax partner Anna Fábryová, our accounting and payroll partner Roman Ponc, and, last but not least, our director Peter Szabó or Martin Jakubec can serve as an inspiration.

We love working with numbers, we think analytically, and look at the details. We put passion and commitment into finding the best possible solutions for our clients. Our profession is dynamic because laws are constantly changing, and we always want to be in a position to provide the best service. Simply a step ahead.

Team spirit and solidarity are important to us. As a team, we create extraordinary solutions. We each make our own special contribution and have the opportunity to to grow individually. We offer our employees:

  • individual career opportunities
  • continued education, which is the pillar of our success and has the highest priority in our group.

Welcome to LeitnerLeitner! In a field that is constantly changing, staying on top of things is key. Each new employee can continue learning at an international top level in the LeitnerLeitner Academy’s corporate program. Internal and external education formats and the exchange with other LeitnerLeitner offices are the key elements. The basic program consists of the local tax and audit campus, followed by the international tax campus. We also have various international expert groups, such as the VAT Club, Expats Club, and International Tax Club.

You can also learn from our experienced colleagues in their function as “trainers” by directly working on interesting projects and interacting with clients. We fully believe in the principle of “learning on the job” and see it as an invaluable resource in preparing for the Tax Advisor, Auditor, and DiplIFRS exams. Last but not least, we make use of our cross-border connections to offer our best employees international internships as well as the Summer School in Vienna or postgraduate studies (LL.M.).

Start your career at LeitnerLeitner and enjoy the pleasant, friendly working environment in a modern building in the heart of Bratislava.

An attractive pay structure and bonuses for exceptional individual results are a matter of course in our company.

Whether you are a student, a graduate, or someone with experience, we currently offer the following opportunities to start your career at LeitnerLeitner:

  • Junior accountant
  • Office assistant
  • Senior: Audit
  • IT: Senior business consultant for digital transformation

Send your résumé to: bratislava.office@leitnerleitner.com

What benefits do we offer?

In general, the longer you stay with us, the more benefits there are:

  • Meal allowance beyond the scope of the law
  • Drinking regime – LeitnerLeitner provides employees with coffee, tea, and four kinds of Aqua Pro water
  • Laptop – depending on work position and work assignment
  • Mobile phone – depending on work position and work assignment
  • IN and EX professional education – LeitnerLeitner Academy
  • Welcome Day – we make it easier for our new colleagues to become a part of the team – you will get all the necessary information about us
  • The central location of our office in the UNIQ building makes it easy to reach on public transport
  • Ride a bike to work
  • Summer and winter teambuilding, Christmas party
  • Multisport card – we will arrange it for you
  • Contribution to medical care
  • Sick day
  • Fix hour