payroll, personnel accounting

We offer our clients comprehensive solutions in the field of payroll and personnel accounting and we take all the concern in this regard, while ensuring confidentiality and data security.

Our expert staff for payroll and personnel services follow constantly the legislative changes and guidelines, in addition, they process the information in an up-to-date way and provide timely information.

Our services include:

  • payroll and reimbursement of work-related costs
  • compulsory reporting to the competent authorities
  • (de) registration of employed workers in social insurance
  • money movements of salaries, taxes and contributions
  • implementation of payroll calculation at the client
  • integral management of personnel records:
    • managing personal workers' folders
    • keeping records of absence of workers
    • preparation of annual leave notifications
    • record keeping, warnings and reminders on important milestones (e.g. jubilee awards)
    • keeping records of compulsory medical examinations, reminders and organization of examinations
    • preparation of obligatory employer’s documents (acts)
    • keeping obligatory records of the employer
    • archiving data about workers
  • setting up provisions for jubilee awards, severance pay upon retirement, annual leave
  • optimization of taxes of managers
  • representation in tax inspections
  • informing clients about novelties in the area of payroll and personnel services

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Jure Mercina

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