Due Diligence

Every acquisition or sale of a company brings risks and opportunities for further business development, therefore a prior analysis is crucial, which reduces the asymmetry of information between the buyer and seller, and weighs the possibilities and provides information that is fundamental to the transaction and consequently successful integration of the company.

As part of Due Diligence review of a company, data on the company's operations and financial condition are obtained, verified and analytically analysed in order to provide the buyer or seller with a clear view and understanding of the company’s processes and to evaluate the possibilities and risks of the target company.

At LeitnerLeitner, we have a long-standing experience in carrying out tax and financial Due Diligence reviews as well as assessing the risks of buying / selling a company. We have obtained knowledge about diverse industries, which gives us an advantage in analysing the accounts of various companies and assessing potential risks or opportunities. In addition, we individually dedicate ourselves to the wishes of the client and also manage the entire process of buying or selling.

Our services:

  • Financial Due Diligence - review of the financial statements (trial balance, account cards, ...) and future company plans, as well as the analysis of financial risks and exposure estimation

  • Tax Due Diligence - review of tax liabilities and a company's tax risk analysis in the field of VAT, CIT, personal income tax and other taxes, as well as an assessment of the potential exposure

Your Experts

Blaž Pate

Tax advisor | Partner

Karmen Demšar

Auditor | Tax Advisor | Partner

Jure Mercina

Tax Advisor | Partner