About us

Our experts are passionate about executing your mandates and providing you with practical solutions relating to taxes and tax advisory, audit, financial, accounting, and payroll issues. Our solutions combine personalized client service, long-standing experience, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, and our own entrepreneurial experience.

About LeitnerLeitner

The LeitnerLeitner Group is one of the leading tax advisory and auditing firms in the CEE/SEE region. Your contact person at LeitnerLeitner has the support of about 725 staff members, 125 of them professionals, and our worldwide cooperation partners. 2019 was a very significant year for LeitnerLeitner, as we celebrated the 60th anniversary of our founding. We thank our clients for putting their trust in us.

Globally connected for you

LeitnerLeitner is a member of Taxand and Praxity. This allows us to provide our clients with the the best service all over the world.


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